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Brazil Ultramarathon

Press Release – 7 January 2013

Run with Lim Nghee Huat



“Reaching out, Touching lives”

Brazil Ultramarathon 217Km Run by Lim Nghee Huat to raise funds for Friends Plus & Friends Special (Tanjong Rhu Day Rehabilitation and Integrated Day Centre for Elderly) 

1. Brazil 135 Ultramarathon 2013

Ironman and ultra-marathon man Lim Nghee Huat will be running 217km to raise funds for St Hilda’s Community Services Centre. Nghee Hu at has been invited to race in the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon 2013 on 18th  – 20th January 2013 in Pocos de Caldas, Serra Da Mantiqueira mountains nearSao Paulo,Brazil.Brazil 135 (217km) Ultramarathon is part of the three Badwater 135-miles World Cup Series. The gruelling race takes place in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, testing the mettle of contestants with only 20 km of the 217 km being run without any inclination. The rest is all uphill and downhill.

60 runners from nine countries in six continents will be taking part in the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon 2013. Nghee Huat is the first Singaporean and one of the four Asian participants (2 fromIndiaand 1 fromJapan) invited to this ultramarathon event. A running champion since 1972, Nghee Huat has previously set two national records in 2005. He was then 52, the oldest runner. He emerged in first placing with a timing of 24 hours 45 minutes. In July 2007, Nghee Huat completed in 217km Death Valley Challenge,USA, the world hottest non-stop foot run with a time of 51 hours 49 minutes. Nghee Huat is a News Editor with Mediacorp and is the Chairman of the Mountbatten Citizens Consultative Committee.

“How can I not help?” says Nghee Huat.

 I like to use SHCSC tagline: “Friends Just Not Enough”; as they rise up to meet caring needs of the elderly with its social activities at Friends centre. More is needed.

The felt needs of the elderly are growing each day in this ageing community. The integrated day rehabilitation centre at Friends Special and day care center at Friends Plus coupled with social activities, will provide a spectrum of services to allow residents to live out theirs days as long as possible in trusted and familiar environment.

2. St. Hilda’s Community Services Centre

The work of St. Hilda’s Community Services Centre is encapsulated in a simple phrase – “Reaching out, Touching lives”. A staff force of 15 backed and complemented by a 200 strong volunteer force, popularly known as the “ang sahs” by the residents because of their distinctive red T-shirts, do not wait for residents to call on them. Instead, the strategy of knocking on each and every door to discover the real needs of the residents has resulted in programmes, as varied as the needs are.


3. New Rehabilitation and Integrated Day Centre for Elderly


The implementation of the Rehab Centre at Block 12 in 2010 marked the awareness of the growing felt needs in physical well-being. While we have to meet physical needs, we design programmes and activities to cater to both emotional and spiritual health of our residents alongside. For in taking care of the mind and the spirit, the physical well being will be met. Meanwhile, work is underway to build an expanded Rehab Centre with facilities for a medical consultation room, Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs) training facilities, occupational therapy treatment etc. The Centre meets the needs of the elderly with problems in mobility or function after an acute or chronic illness, injury or due to de-conditioning. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services are provided where their therapists assess and prescribe an exercise program tailored to meet the special needs of each client. With the new Rehab Centre, there will be space for more equipment offering a wider range of rehabilitation services and other medical services to the community. An integrated Day Care facility will be added and a Home Medical/Therapy will operate from the new Centre will operate in early 2013.


4. Donations to the Rehab Centre


Lending his support to the cause, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has pledged S$5,000. Those who wish to support Mr Lim can send their donations to:

St Hilda’s Community Services Centre

Block 10 Jalan Batu, #01-08


Tel: 63450054

Cheques can be made to: “St Hilda’s Community Services Centre”.

All donors will enjoy a 2.5 times tax rebate and St Hilda’s Community Services Centre will enjoy a doubling of what you give from the Community Silver Trust.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Joanna Ng / Ms CheeFong Yeeat 63450054 or email

Or visit our website:



Joining lives, making your day

Offering the best care, everyday

Your needs, our concern


Step into Friends Plus and encounter an atmosphere where

  • Every person matters
  • Every day counts
  • Every activity is focused at making the most of each person and each day

Our Friends Plus team is our most valuable asset as they ensure that a superior level of care is received by individuals.

Excellence at Friends Plus is spelt JOY


Who will benefit?

  • SingaporeCitizens or Permanent Residents aged 55 years and above
  • Ambulant and semi-ambulant seniors
  • Seniors who are independent and can largely manage the activities of daily living
  • Seniors whose families need help in looking after them during the day while they are at work.

To be sure that seniors who enrol with us are able to benefit from our programmes, a 3-day trial enrolment is available. Friends Plus and the individual can decide continuity.


What can Seniors expect?

Among other things – nutritious and delicious meals; activities that engage the mind and exercise the faculties; learning activities including Art Therapy, Language classes; group games; quiet corners for reading and TV watching for those who want just to have some personal space; and outings.


Time Schedules

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6.00pm

Contact us – Friends Plus Blk 10 Jalan Batu #01-08Singapore431010

Tel: 6345 0054 Email:  Website:






Promoting dignity,

Enhancing independence

Achieving the best health outcome accentuating quality of life

Caring professionally, caring sensitively

Each individual… equipped, energised, empowered


Disabilities need not disable.


The team at Friends Special works as … a team!  While each health professional contributes individually to a person’s rehabilitation through the application of special knowledge and skills, the focus is on the person and the goal is to enable the individual to live as full and independent a lifestyle as possible within his home and community.


Centre Based Rehab Services


We provide comprehensive rehabilitative care for patients who are experiencing a wide range of disabilities including those brought on by a stroke, an accident, joint replacement, lower limb amputation or fractures, or simply by the process of ageing.


Home Care and Caregiver support


Visits by medical professionals to those who have chronic illnesses and who require home nursing as well as  caregiver support and training services and advice on related services (such as fitting out the home suitably for those with fall-risks) will be provided under Friends Special. Help for the Senior to remain in his own home is the objective.


In Partnership


       St Andrew’sCommunityHospitalpartners with St Hilda’s Community Services Centre in this health initiative.
Contact us – Friends Special  Blk 11 Jalan Batu #01-146Singapore431011

Tel: 6348 9668 Email:  Website:


For more information, please contact:


Joanna Ng – Centre Manager

St. Hilda’s Community Services Centre

Blk 10 Jalan Batu #01-06


Tel              : 6345 0054

Fax             : 6346 5432

Email         :

Website   :

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