Our Partners

SHCSC has worked closely with the following partners over the past years. These includes,

Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Tanjong Katong Secondary School is a school with a mission to nurture the students to their fullest potential, developing in them sound values and leadership skills, in an environment that encourages creativity and dynamism.One of the values Tanjong Katong holds dearly is “We cherish Charity as it is a noble act to serve the community”.Every year, about 100 students take the time to partner us in our work at Tanjong Rhu. Their youthful energy expressed in the care and  concern of the elderly warms the hearts of the seniors.

CabbyCare Charity Group

CabbyCare Charity Group was initiated and formed in February 2000 by eight CityCab cabbies who wanted to spend their time more productively by helping the less fortunate. It then grew to its current size of over 100 members and is very active in various community projects.CabbyCare Charity Groups mission is to provide love and care to the less fortunate regardless of race, language or religion. CabbyCare lives by its simple motto, “love and care is what we share”.

Some 300 drivers volunteer their services and are a blessing in ferrying the non-ambulant elderly for outings and events. The CabbyCare cabbies have also donated funds towards the less fortunate children in the estate.

Meridian Junior College

The Meridian culture is a vibrant and forward-looking one that inspires all Meridians to reach for greater accomplishments. It offers many opportunities through which they can develop their capacity to take on challenges and be empowered to initiate projects that benefit their peers and the community at large. And Meridians have certainly done the College proud, snaring top honours in competitions and charting new territory in community service and entrepreneurial pursuits. In the process, they are transformed into young men and women of calibre and imbued with the desire to excel in their future endeavours.The Meridians have seen the need and as of 2008, 100 student began regularly volunteering their time and effort to help us in running our programmes.